Doing Nothing

Think about the last time you were doing nothing? And when you think, exclude all the instances when you were just randomly scrolling Instagram, or browsing web, or chatting to a friend, etc.,

We live in a world where doing nothing is increasingly vanishing away. People are becoming more and more focused on being productive, and the art of doing nothing has plainly reduced to doing something non-productive. Even things like meditation, are now becoming a tool to increase the focus and be more productive.

Out of touch from what matters

With all of us focused on doing something every now and then, and the constant pressure to be on top in the ever so competitive world, when do we get a chance to take a break and live a life within a peaceful state of mind. The state where we are not chasing anything, not trying to one up from the peers. We tend to go into a constant struggle with ourself, re-guessing every decision, after making it, and never being content with the outcomes, losing our mental content.

While life is about enjoying the little and the big moments, we need actual time to feel and embrace the happiness the moments bring, and being consistently in a state of doing something or the other, we are slowly moving into the mindset of never being able to stop and enjoy.

Take a break

While we consistently try to improve, next time, let’s take a break – Doing Nothing!

Just sit, no mobiles, no courses to complete, no books to read, reducing the mental stimulus and just look around. Enjoy the minor things happening, letting go off the control.

It is going to be hard, but the sense of happiness at the end, the feeling of content would be unbeatable. The world, and the competition and improving the skills can wait, but the moments of happiness should be embraced and felt.

Try Doing Nothing, and get surprised, how it feels like 🙂

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