A month as Performance Engineering Intern at Red Hat

Sometimes, the things you wish for, do happen to you. This is something which happened with me. During the month of February, I got to know that I have been selected as a Performance Engineering Intern at Red Hat. This was something, which I was wishing for a long time. The internship started from 1st March 2017 and it’s been almost over a month, I have been working as a Performance Engineering Intern at Red Hat Bangalore and so I thought, it will be a great idea to share a bit about my experience so far.

So, my official Internship had to start from 1st March at Red Hat, Bangalore. Being from Delhi, India, I had to relocate and settle and cause of that I decided to reach Bangalore a bit earlier so as to find some place for myself (Thanks Kanika for helping out in this one :D). The excitement of the internship was soo much, that although it was only 27th of February, I decided to visit the Red Hat Engineering Office in Bangalore, where I was going to join very soon. Thanks to Sumantro, who helped made the process easier for me into getting a early entry into the office even before I join Red Hat internally. Next thing that happened was a small meeting with my Team Manager (Pradeep Surisetty) with whom I was soon going to work with. A very nice person indeed, who made me comfortable from the first minute itself and explained what I will be going to work upon. Meeting the team I was going to work with, my excitement just kept increasing. 2 days past and it was going to be my first day as a Red Hat Intern.

The first day started with the briefing from the Site Management Team, who introduced me about the office and some other aspects of it and what they are planning ahead. The next thing that happened was getting some Red Hat Swags :D. Now, I was waiting for my laptop to be provided to me on which all the work would be done. While my laptop was being prepared before handing it over to me, my Manager called me in for a briefing on what I will be doing during my internship. This briefing consisted of the details of the product I will work on and the different components that made this product. After that, I got to know about what responsibilities will be. Did I tell, how excited I was, and this just made my excitement grow more. Now, I was waiting for my laptop to be handed over to me so that I can start working.

Okay, let me give you a brief about, what I am working on as a Performance Engineering Intern. Currently, I work on Performance and Tuning of Red Hat Satellite, which is a infrastructure management platform for managing infrastructure that depends on Red Hat products. My primary responsibilities include, development of tools which automate the deployment and optimization of Red Hat Satellite on large number of Machines and to provide us a way through which we can easily run our Performance and Scaling experiments on Red Hat Satellite.

Being a Performance Engineer, there is a very good amount of stuff you will find yourself in. From learning how a particular product works to understanding the internal architecture of the product, you will never find yourself empty or bored. There is always a new and interesting challenge coming up your way for you to solve. For me, the initial days went into understanding how to deploy Red Hat Satellite and how to get it to work. After that, I went ahead and started working with Ansible, which we use to automate our deployment process, because deploying something manually on thousands of machines is just too cumbersome :P.

This was something, which covered a bit more than a week. Calling myself lucky or whatever, we had a team lunch just the week after joining Red Hat and that was the time, where I met the rest of my team members who were either working remotely or just came back after a short holiday.

There is something I love about Red Hat and that is the Open Culture, unlike working in closed environments, we have open cabins, everyone and anyone can reach out to others and ask about anything they feel stuck at or they are interested in. This is something I just love too much. Being an intern at Red Hat, you work on something which will directly affect the product and the community and hence, you get a very good chance to leave an impact with your work.

Talking about the benefits here, well, we have a lot, from swags, to free food, open culture, frequent meetups, indoor games, and a lot of others. You will never feel bored here and sometimes to an extent that you may just feel not to leave the office 😛 (yes, this has happened with me).

Moving into my internship, I am currently performing Performance and Scalability experiments on Red Hat Satellite while also working on development of automated tools that can help in the deployment of Performance tunings easy and automatic. During this period, the sheer amount of stuff I have found myself learning is just immense and there is still a lot that I need to learn and understand while solving some really interesting challenges.

Even after 1 month being into the position, the level of excitement just keeps growing and growing.

Wanna take a look at some of the things that I work on, head over to the links mentioned below:

  • Satellite Performance: https://github.com/redhat-performance/satellite-performance
  • Satellite Monitoring: https://github.com/redhat-performance/satellite-monitoring
  • Satellite Tune: https://github.com/redhat-performance/satellite-tune

P.S. Photos coming soon 😛

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