My Journey to DevconfCZ 2017: Part 1

So, it was 5th December 2016, when I woke up and checked my phone for any mails that I may have and to my surprise, there was one from DevconfCZ. But, that was just a beginning to what was going to be a one of the most awesome journeys I was going to have. Yes, you guessed it right, as I opened the mail, I was informed that my talk submission was accepted for DevconfCZ that was going to take place from 27th January to 29th January 2017 in Brno. And boy, there was no limit to the excitement I had.

The duration of preparations

Well, the topic of my talk that I was going to deliver was on “Building Scalable API Gateways for Microservices”. There was a decent amount of stuff that I had to prepare for the session and with more than a month at disposal, I went to start with it early so as to keep the pressure low. And the journey to watching some great talks from people managing large scale deployments of Microservices began. The talks provided a good base to build upon my topic I was going to deliver. They also provided me a way to experiment with some new concepts that I can incorporate into building a scalable API Gateway architecture.

With considerable amount of time experimenting with different concepts and figuring out what works and what not, it was time to start building off the presentation.

The time flew by, and it was just a few more days left before I travel to Brno, Czech Republic.

Flying across the time-zones

So, it was time when I finally had to travel to Brno. My flight itinerary consisted of me flying from New Delhi -> Moscow -> Vienna. From there I was supposed to take a bus from Vienna which will then take me to Brno.

This was going to be the first time I would have been taking a flight and the very first International Journey for me. I was excited and ready to travel.

It was 25th January 2017, and I was supposed to catch my flight. So, finally at 6:30 a.m. my journey started from IGI Terminal 3 to Moscow.

A look from 37000 ft. above the ground level

After 6 hours of continuous flight, I finally landed at Sheremetyevo airport, Moscow. Being living at a place which usually have a temperature above 10 degree Celsius, I was surprised to hear when the announcement said, the temperature outside is -20 degree Celsius. This was the time, I was preparing to experience the cold outside.

After a 2 hrs. layover at Sheremetyevo airport, I had to board my connecting flight towards Vienna, Austria. After 2.5 hrs of flying towards Vienna, I reached the Vienna Schwechat Airport Terminal 3. After all the legal formalities done, I stepped out of the Vienna Airport. And it was the time, when I experienced high degree of cold. Although the temperature outside the airport was quite warm as compared to Moscow, the winds made the experience a bit more cold as compared to Moscow.

This was the time, my bus towards Brno had arrived which I had to aboard. The bus journey was the one I loved, no traffic jams anywhere, no jerky rides and the breeze outside made the journey a pleasant one. The journey ended when we reached Brno An u Hotelu Grand. Since my hotel (Hotel Avanti), was close to the location where I dropped off from the bus, I decided to take a walk towards my Hotel. The walk turned out to be an experience that I never had. Even though it was 11:50 p.m. in the night, the walk was very pleasant and gave me an opportunity to walk along the streets in a place completely unknown to me and only guided by the offline GPS I had :P.

Brno <3

This ended up my travel from my home town to a a place completely unknown to me and 4:30 hrs. behind my local time at New Delhi, India. 😛

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming out soon, describing the Conference 😉


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