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Learning new stuff and then sharing that knowledge with others is what forms a strong community. Since the time, I joined Mozilla Delhi, I was involved in various events that involved teaching people how to create content for the web. Most of the time, my sessions involved creating awareness about Mozilla WebMaker and how the audience can use it, to create their own web content.

It was long since I conducted any such session to create awareness about Open Web and maybe, I was just waiting for an opportunity to have one. On Saturday, 12th November 2016, I got that opportunity. Conducting, a MozActivate campaign at USICT.


With this MozActivate Campaign, our target was to introduce the audience with WebVR and create awareness about the missions of Mozilla. We had planned several sessions for the day which were going to be taken by Me, Rajiv and Pushpita.

The event started with Rajiv introducing the audience with Mozilla and what it does. The next session in line was on WebVR, where the audience were introduced to the concepts of WebVR, why it can be the future of VR. This session was a hands-on session, where the audience were asked to create some content for the WebVR as they learn. For creating this content, we used an open source JavaScript library, A-Frame JS. During this session, Pushpita, who was traveling from a far off place, joined us too.

After, the WebVR session, the next session was for the WoMoz, which was to be taken by Pushpita. She took over the stage, to tell about the WoMoz community inside Mozilla and how the women can contribute to various areas in Mozilla. During this, she also shared her experience of Mozfest, which she has recently attended.

After the session taken by Pushpita, we were coming close to the end of the event. This was the time, when Rajiv came up to the stage, to introduce the contributors about how they can create their own Mozilla clubs in their campus and bring new contributors onboard.

Overall, I must say, every session I have conducted under Mozilla has proven to be a new experience, where I got to learn new things, while delivering sessions on what I know, and to create a new perspective.

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