Mozpacers at MozMSIT

It has been 6 months since I joined Mozpacers, an awesome community, where we strive to promote Open Source and Mission of Mozilla. It always has been a pleasure to contribute to this community in one way or another. MozMSIT was the 3rd event where I volunteered to be a part. The event was under planning from quite some time and it was 30th January 2016, the date which was finalized for the event. The event was going to be held at Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology and I volunteered to deliver a session on Webmaker.

Although, I have delivered a session on Webmaker sometime back at NIIT University, Neemrana, but this was one event when I was  scared about how will I present on stage. Everytime, when I had to present something on stage, I had someone who accompanied me. But this was the first time I was going on stage, all alone. But nonetheless, I had to deliver a good session. So, the preparations started well ahead this time. I started preparing for the event well ahead of time, going again and again through the slides, rehearsing the way I would speak, always modifying what to say.

It was 30th January, I woke up early in the morning to prepare one more time for the event and my session. It did took some time but I finally felt confident enough to deliver a session on stage. It was time to leave for venue of the event. Well, the venue is somewhat of a long journey (not actually, but when you are travelling alone, the journey does seem long :P). Finally, at 12:30 p.m. I reached the venue. It was a nice reception by the Organizing team and a well managed event was ahead of us.

At 1:00 p.m. we finally started the event. The event started with showing some short videos about Mozilla and then progressed on to An introduction to Mozilla and Open Source community and sharing of thoughts by Manraj, who was invited to MozSummit that took place in Singapore a week back. The participants were told about how they can contribute to Mozilla and where all can they contribute. Continuing with the session, Ashu and Sonal delivered an introduction to WoMoz.

The next session up our sleeves was GIT which was going to be delivered by Sanyam. But, before the session, we decided to take a small quiz and distribute some swags to those who answered correctly. I along with Tanshul went up to take the quiz session. Next up was the GIT session, which was delivered by Sanyam. The participants were told about what GIT is and why do we need it. Sanyam delivered a great session by giving a basic intro to GIT and GitHub along with the hands on demo so that the participants can relate to what all is going on. It was a lot of learning, entering into a new territory of Version Control Systems.

After the GIT session by Sanyam, it was my turn to speak up about the Mozilla Webmaker and to enlighten the participants on what they can do for the web. The main aim of the session was to let the participants know how can they contribute to a better web. The tools on focus were X-Ray goggles and Thimble. It was great delivering a session on the topics and showing a live demo to the participants about what they can do. As the session came to an end, we opened up for a question answer session with the participants where they could ask about there doubts related to the Mozilla or Open Source Community.

The session concluded on a high note. It was an amazing event and the whole organizing team deserves a lot of appreciation.
With Mozpacers, it is always a great journey. Meeting new people, exploring new fields, there is a whole lot to learn. Waiting for the next time where I can be a part of such an event again.

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