MozAge at NIIT University, Neemrana

You cannot create experience, you must undergo it. -Albert Camus

So, one more experience with the Mozpacers community; The community I will love to contribute to and as much as I can. This time we had an event planned at NIIT University, Neemrana. I was selected as a speaker on the WebMaker tools by Mozilla – Thimble and X-Ray Goggles. The preparation for the event started the day when I received the confirmation mail that I have been shortlisted as one of the speakers for the event. It was the time to get accustomed to the Thimble and X-Ray Goggles platform provided by Mozilla. The next few days went into understanding the platform.

So, the days passed quiet quickly and it was the day we had to leave to Neemrana for the event. Although the time for our departure was planned at around 7:30 p.m., it got delayed by 2 hours for which all credit goes to the ever increasing traffic on the roads. Finally, at 9:30 p.m. we started our journey to Neemrana from IFFCO Chowk. After travelling for an hour, all of us started to feel hungry and this was the time for us to stop at Mc’Donalds and get some food for ourselves.

After feeding ourselves it was the time to resume our journey. 12:00 a.m. and we finally arrived at our destination – NIIT University, Neemrana. At the entrance two volunteers from the NIIT University Mozilla club joined us to guide us in the Campus Area (A Big Campus Indeed). Finally, with all our baggage we moved into our Rooms in the campus hostels. After setting up all our stuff, it was time for a short meeting with all the volunteers of the Mozilla Club from NIIT University where we all introduced ourselves to each other.

After the meeting we all went back to our hostel rooms. With everyone going back into their respective rooms, Me, Chirag and Kanika decided to stay back to discuss on the execution of our presentation about the Webmaker tools. After a long discussion and several cups of coffee we now knew who will do what at the time of presentation, the flow we will be following.

It was 3 a.m. and instead of going back to our Hostel Room, Me and Chirag decided to explore the campus area starting from the Cafeteria (Well… feeling hungry :P). After exploring the campus area and struggling to find our room back in the hostel, we finally managed to get inside our room and it was already 4:00 a.m. in the morning.

With a few hours remaining for our event to start, we were starting to feel a bit nervous and this was the time I finally decided to take a short nap before the event.

8:00 a.m. and all of us met in the Campus Mess to have our breakfast before we finally move inside the auditorium to begin with our event.

9:30 a.m. and all the preparations were done and we were ready to start with the event. The event started with the lighting up of lamp and then we all proceeded with our introductions in front of a large number of enthusiasts who gathered in the auditorium for our event.

The first session was taken by Anup and Ajay where they explained about the Mozilla community and its mission. Next up was Pushpita, who took the session on creating awareness about the WoMoz.

Next in the event queue were Kunal and Harsh who were going to take a security workshop. The security workshop went great with all the participants learning new things about the security on the websites and how they can prevent some very common types of attacks that take place.

With 3 successful events we took a short break. We all moved again into the campus mess to have some lunch. While walking the path back from the Mess to the auditorium, this was the time I was feeling scared about how will I deliver the workshop. Even with a lot of thoughts coming inside the mind, I tried to stay calm trying not to show my nervousness.

Finally, it was the time, the time for our session. With everything set, Me, Chirag and Kanika took the stage. As planned, Chirag started the session with a brief introduction of the WebMaker tools and after that I was handed over the Mic to speak about the Web Literacy Map. Next up was Chirag who started to explain about the X-Ray Goggles. While Chirag explained about the X-Ray goggles, Kanika provided a live demo about them showcasing the audience on how can they live edit a website.
After the session on X-Ray goggles, we provided some time to the students so they can come up with some new things and we received some really nice edits.
After the session on X-Ray Goggles it was my turn to deliver a session upon Thimble.  I started with a small introduction about Thimble and moved on to explain the interface of thimble. One thing I must say, no matter how much nervousness it causes to being on stage, it is one of the most awesome experience one can get and it gets more exciting when you are speaking in front of 100+ audience.

With the session about to get over, we showed some videos on being an Mozillian and the crowd gave a very energetic response to us.

After our presentation, Bhuvnesh took the stage to explain about the Webmaker application explaining its uses and how it is beneficial.

With our event coming to an end, we concluded the event on a high note, creating awareness about Mozilla and open source technologies and creating smile on faces.
Our event came to an end after the prize distribution ceremony in which the winners of different events were felicitated with certificates and goodies.

This event added to one more experience in my life where I met new people, delivered a session on stage overcoming my stage fear, contributing a bit more to the community I love and improving myself a bit more.

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